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This can be completed online or downloaded, printed and returned to us. Please note that we have extended the date by which comments should be returned, you now have until no later than 5pm, on Friday August 28th, 2020, to provide feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that any comments made to Force 9 Energy are not representations to the planning authority. Once Force 9 Energy and our project partner, EDF Renewables, submits a planning application, there will be an opportunity to make such representations on that application to the planning authority.

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Site statistics


Stirlingshire - Fintry Hills 12km to the south-west of Stirling and 7.5km to the east of Balfron.

Community ownership opportunity

EDF Renewables is committed to providing an opportunity for local community groups to collectively have up to 10% Community Ownership of Shelloch wind farm. This is an opportunity for community groups within the wind farm Community of Interest to invest in, and share in the profits of, the proposed Shelloch Wind Farm over the whole of its operational lifetime. The Community of Interest is shown in the online consultation (see link above) on the board headed “Community Benefits and Local Businesses”.

Community benefit

Force 9’s development partner, EDF Renewables, is committed to paying Community Benefit at the prevailing Scottish Government recommended rate: currently at a value equivalent to £5,000 per Mega Watt of installed capacity, for every year of operation (anticipated to be 30 years) to help fund community projects within the Community of Interest. For illustrative purposes, if a 24 MW wind farm were to be constructed, this would be worth £120,000 per year (index linked) for local communities, for each year of operation.

It will also be possible to capitalise some or all of the available community benefit funding in order to allow community groups in the Community of Interest to invest in the separate Community Ownership Opportunity should they so wish. Further details are available in the online consultation (see link above) on the ‘Community Benefit and Local Businesses’ board.

Opportunities for local business

Force 9 Energy and EDF Renewables are committed to giving local businesses every possible opportunity to share in the financial and employment benefits of the construction and operation of Shelloch wind farm. If constructed, Shelloch wind farm will offer opportunities for local businesses such as accommodation providers, hire companies, fencing contractors, tradesmen and machinery plant owners. If you are part of a local business, please contact us and we will register your interest and keep you informed about valuable opportunities for local businesses connected with the wind farm. Further details are available in the online consultation (see link above) on the ‘Community Benefit and Local Businesses’ board.

*Please note that this figure is based on 5 turbines with a rated capacity of 4.8MW operating at site derived capacity factor of 39.8% capacity and assuming 3,618 is the average UK household electricity consumption in kW hours (based on most recent statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Dec 2019 (BEIS))