Photomontage: Clash Gour Wind Farm from Dallas

Clash Gour

Site statistics


Moray Council Area- 12km south of Forres, located to the southwest, north and east of the operational Berry Burn wind farm. See application ECU00000738


Consented by Scottish Ministers 21st October 2022

Project benefits

EDFR is committed to providing an opportunity for community groups in and around Moray to collectively invest up to 5% in, and thus share in the profits of, the project over its operational lifetime. Force 9 has been liaising closely with interested Community Groups on this opportunity, including a presentation to the Joint Community Councils (JCC) of Moray. Force 9 also hosted a conference on shared ownership in the project in November 2017, which won the ‘Best Engagement’ prize at the 2018 Green Energy Awards. Community Ownership has the potential to fund significant long term ‘legacy’ projects, galvanise communities and build their capacity to grow and develop.

In addition to the Community Ownership Opportunity, EDFR is committed to paying Community Benefit at the Scottish Government recommended rate (currently £5,000 equivalent per MW) per annum. If the wind farm was consented and built at its proposed 225MW capacity, this would mean a payment to local communities of up to £1.125 million per year (index linked) for each year of operation of the wind farm (anticipated to be up to 30 years); a total of up to £33.75 million.

Clash Gour’s supply chain requirements will provide huge economic opportunities for a wide range of local businesses, such as accommodation providers, local contractors and suppliers of goods and services. The three-year construction period has the potential to secure approximately 391 net person years’ employment; and during the operational period of the wind farm between 14-19 net full time equivalent jobs in Moray.

A recent socio-economic study estimated that, if consented and built, the value added to the Moray economy from the project would be £26.7 million during the construction phase; and up to £91.4m of value added to the Scottish economy.

Force 9 Energy has already held discussions with Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Moray Chamber of Commerce about how best to maximise opportunities for local businesses. If your business is interested, please contact Steven Park ( and we will retain your details and keep you informed as matters progress.

Your capital is at risk if you invest. Investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. For a full risk warning, please contact Steven Park and a representative from EDF Renewables Community Investment Ltd will contact you. EDF Renewables is a trading name of EDF Renewables Community Investment Ltd which is an appointed representative of Resolution Compliance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 574048)

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Clash Gour Story Map

Force 9 launches innovative ‘Story Map’ for Clash Gour wind farm. Click below to view. Please allow a little time for the maps to load (particularly if you have a slow internet connection)’


You can view/download a complete set of EIA Report documents by clicking on ‘Links & Downloads’ above.  Please note these are provided as low resolution for viewing online.

*Please note that this figure is based on 48 turbines with an installed capacity of 242.4 MW at site derived capacity factor 35.8%% and assuming 3,748 is the average UK household electricity consumption in kW hours (based most recent statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Dec 2021)


  • Viewpoint from A95 North of Brodie Croft
  • Viewpoint from A96 at Forres
  • Viewpoint from Dallas

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