Photomontage: Clash Gour Wind Farm from Dallas

Clash Gour

Site statistics


Moray Council Area- 12km south of Forres, located to the southwest, north and east of the operational Berry Burn wind farm (also developed by Force 9 Energy)


Scoping Request submitted to the Scottish Government April 2017.

An overview of the project is given on the Exhibition Boards which can be downloaded under ‘Links & Downloads’ on this page.


A total of five public exhibitions were held, between 20th and 22nd March 2017 in the following locations: Elgin, Edinkillie, Archiestown, Dallas and Forres.

The Force 9 development team is currently reviewing the feedback that was received at, and following, those exhibitions. 

*Please note that this figure is based on 63 turbines with a rated capacity of 5MW operating at 27.3% capacity (long term average capacity factor for onshore wind from Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2016) and assuming 3,994 is the average UK household electricity consumption in kW hours (based on DECCs publication Energy Consumption in the UK (2016).


  • Viewpoint from A95 North of Brodie Croft
  • Viewpoint from A96 at Forres
  • Viewpoint from Dallas

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Community benefit

Force 9 Energy’s project partner, EDF Energy Renewables (‘EDF-ER’) is committed to paying a community benefit package at the prevailing Scottish Government recommended rate: currently £5,000 per Mega Watt of installed capacity, for every year of operation (anticipated to be 25 years) to help fund local community projects.

It may also be possible to ‘capitalise’ some of the available community benefit funding so that more of it is paid up front, rather than annually. This would allow larger capital projects, such as new community buildings or provision of enhanced broadband, to be contemplated.

EDF ER is also considering providing an opportunity for up to 5% Community Ownership of the wind farm through a Revenue Sharing Agreement. This would allow participating local communities to buy a stake in the wind farm and thus to share in the profits of the project over the whole of its operational lifetime.