Photomontage: Airigh Wind Farm from A83 at Whitehouse


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Argyll & Bute Council - located in South Knapdale, 9km south-west of Tarbert.


An application under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 was submitted to the Scottish Government in September 2017. The full Environmental Impact Assessment Report can be downloaded under the ‘Links & Downloads’ section on this page.

Project benefits

A Community Fund will be established with effect from first commercial operation of the wind farm. Funding will be at the prevailing Scottish Government recommended rate, currently £5,000 per Mega Watt of Installed Capacity, index linked, for each operational year of the wind farm (anticipated to be 25 years).

Force 9 Energy’s development partner, EDF Energy Renewables is also proposing to offer the local communities the opportunity to own up to a 10% stake in the project under which participating local communities would receive a share of the profits of the project for the whole of its operational lifetime.

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the Community Benefit or Community Ownership Opportunity please contact Steven Park at or 0131 344 4587.

Airigh Story Map

Force 9 Energy has developed an innovative ‘Story Map’ which sets out how the design of the project has evolved – see below under ‘Story Map’


*Please note that this figure is based on 14 turbines with a rated capacity of 3.6MW-4.2MW operating at 26.94% capacity (long term average capacity factor for onshore wind from Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2018) and assuming 3,781 is the average UK household electricity consumption in kW hours (based most recent statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS))


  • Viewpoint from Cretshengan
  • Viewpoint from Ardpatrick Road
  • Viewpoint from Spion Kop
  • Viewpoint from A83 at Whitehouse

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