Force 9 Energy Statement

The Conservative Manifesto pledge to end support for onshore wind power does not make sense and will push up energy bills: the UK has agreed to try and achieve 15% of all energy production from renewable sources by 2020. Onshore wind is, by some distance, the most cost effective form of renewable generation. It is therefore completely illogical to single it out and withdraw support at the very time when we should be promoting it.

If the Government goes ahead and withdraws support for onshore wind then it will force the UK down a route of having to achieve our legally binding, low carbon targets through much more expensive alternatives. That is really bad news for householders and for businesses as none of us want to face higher electricity bills.

All energy production in the UK is supported by government through a mixture of direct support and tax reliefs; so it will distort the market, unfairly, to single out onshore wind as not qualifying for any support whilst other energy sources continue to receive support. The support price for new nuclear is already considerably higher that the support price for onshore wind (which has been steadily decreasing for many years now). It is time to recognise that, in order to bolster our security of supply, and keep energy bills in check, onshore wind power has a vital role to play as part of a sensible and cost effective energy mix.

David Butterworth, Managing Director.