Clash Gour Application Submitted to Sottish Government

Force 9 Energy, project developers for the Clash Gour Wind Farm, have submitted an application for the project to the Scottish Government. The application has been made in the of name Clash Gour Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary company of EDF Renewables (EDFR), with whom Force 9 has a joint development agreement. Clash Gour Wind Farm is a 48-turbine project located approximately 10km south of Forres and centered on the operational Berry Burn Wind Farm.


As the proposed wind farm would have an installed capacity greater than 50 Mega Watts (MW) the application for the wind farm will be determined by the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit under the Electricity Act 1989. Moray Council will though remain a statutory consultee in the application process.


Andrew Smith, Head of Planning and Development at Force 9, commented:


‘’I would like to thank members of the Community Liaison Group (CLG) and all those who have taken time over the last two years to provide feedback on the proposals. That feedback, together with the extensive environmental and technical survey work has played an important part in shaping the final application design. We believe that the design strikes the right balance for the development by minimising and mitigating the environmental effects, whilst at the same time maximising the energy generating potential and economic opportunity for Moray.”


The project would bring significant economic opportunities for Moray including:

  • £26.7m gross value added to the Moray economy;
  • 391 net person years employment during the 3-year construction period;
  • 14-19 net full time equivalent jobs during operation of the wind farm;
  • An opportunity for communities in Moray and part of Highland to invest in and share in the profits of the wind farm, through an award-winning shared ownership proposal;
  • Up to £1.125m equivalent of community benefit every year of the 30-year operational period of the wind farm for communities to reinvest in the local area. A total of £33.75 million over the lifetime of the project.

Further information on the application can be seen on the project page here.